Dream Vacation

Have you ever thought of a magical place that you’ve always wanted visit but you couldn’t? Well I’ve always wanted to go to New York City! It started when I was 4 and my mother and I were watching “Breakfast at Tiffanies“, I really thought it was amazing in New York and I asked my mom (Time to get your imagination on, okay imagine a little for year olds voice)

Me: “Mamma, can we go to New York when I’m older?”

My mom: ” How about when you’re 16″

Me: “Yahoo!”

I should of said 11 because I can’t wait 5 years until I go to the big apple of the word! Anyways I love New York, I just think it’s such a magical place.

I hope you enjoyed my post! Byeeeee!

I want to go around Christmas time, but NOT at New Years Eve!!!!! I don’t want to go on New Years Eve because it will be to hectic and I really don’t like being around lots of people. I want to go near Christmas because well… here I’ll insert a picture of what New York looks like on Christmas:




It`s so pretty




❄Seasons Greeting❄


Hello Blogosphere! So if you live in a cold snowy place like Canada, it might be  snowing as you read this. I`m gouing to share some fun things you can do while it`s snowing so you don`t get board to death!

❄Make some hot chocolate

❄Make a snow fort

❄Make a snowman (🎵Do you want to build a snowman🎵)

❄Have a snowball fight!

❄Watch your favorite Winter movie

❄Throw a ”Seasons Greeting’ ‘ Party

❄Make a snow angel

❄Eat Marshmallows

❄Cuddle a stuffed animal/real animal by the fire

I hope you enjoy this post and don’t get too board during the Winter season! Have a nice day and don’t forget to smile! BYEEE

Qotp: What will you be doing for Christmas?