Hello blogosphere! I like the sound of that.. yeah! Okay so that’s how I’m going to start all of my posts! So here we go::

Hello Blogosphere!

You probably don’t know this but, I’ve always wanted a pet bird (to be exact, a budge). Ever since I went to my uncles house for dinner and his birds (Tonka and Joey) where out of their cages and flying around the house and landed on the Xbox controller I was using. She was crawling all around my arms and head! She was so cute. I’m going to make this clear now… I HAVE A BIRD FOR A BEST FRIEND!

The next day I asked my mom if I could get a bird… and, she said no, but I researched about birds, just some things like: What they eat, how big of a cage they need, what type should a beginner get, etc… And she still said no.

A couple months later I moved to Quebec and I was looking on eBay to look at bunnies because their so cute, then my mom asked me if I wanted to buy one. I started screaming YES!! out loud and we spent around an hour looking to see find the best one. We finally found the perfect little Netherland Dwarf rabbit that had every thing we needed so we called the owner and BOUGHT IT. A Dwarf bunny is a small bunny that only gets so big.

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A Netherland Bunny isn’t much different. But YEAH! I’m getting a black bunny named Boots that only gets to the size of your hands. I’m so excited!

Have a nice day and don’t forget to smile! BYEEE!