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Recently I’ve been using an app called Wattpad. Yes that’s the name (W-A-T-T-P-A-D). On this app you can write stories and publish them for people to see them. You have to sign up but it’s 100% free! On this app, once you’ve written a story, people can add it to their online library, vote and/or comment. If you don’t feel like writing a story, you can read somebody else’s. If are in the mood for a certain type of story, you can search it in the “Search” bar. There you can find lot’s of different books, from lots of different people. If you like all the stories one person has wrote, then you can follow them! You can also send messages to your friends and other people! If you wrote a story, you can add chapters so your story can continue for a long time! Like I said before it’s really easy to use, and once you’ve written a book/story/poem etc…. you can see how ever many people have read it! I’ve made so many stories on it and I usually spend most of my time ether looking for stories or writing them!

I hope you go check this out and have tons of fun on it! HAVE A NICE DAY AND DON’T FORGET TO WRITE A BOOK!!! BYEEE!

Super Amazing Awesomness!Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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3 thoughts on “Wattpad…Whatpad?

    • Danica says:

      Hi Lauren! It`s a really fun app and from what I can tall from your blog, I think you like to write stories, so this app would be the best for you! Bye for now

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