Oh Christmas Tree…🎄

Hello Blogosphere!

As you may know Christmas is coming up VERY soon! Yep, only 6 more days, (I`m actually really excited but I`m trying to keep it together for this post!!!). In the spirit of Christmas, I’m going to show you how I usually decorate my tree.

Stuff for the blogAlso, while I’m in the Christmassy mood, I made a picture on an app called Paint (you might of heard me talk about it before) Here it is:::

Danica Online  Photo Credit: Jorge Barrios  on Wikimedia Commons


Ghostly Spirit…đŸ‘»

Ouija Borad for blogHello Blogosphere,

Ok so if you`ve ever seen Christina Online’s blog( http://christinaonline.edublogs.org/ ), you’ll know that she has written about a thing called a Ouija board. A Ouija board is a board game that you can use to connect to spirits. They’ve made a couple movies about it in the past and I think a few books as well.

Last year for Christmas, I got a Ouija board from my Uncle and Aunt! I really like it and I’ve played it a few times. It’s kind of scary but interesting!

When I moved into my house, we played it while we had no furniture or anything. I got really scared because my mom told the Ouija board to “Give Us A Sign” and then we heard a loud thud downstairs (Yes, I already know I’m a wimp!).

I hope you enjoyed this short post!

Q: Have you ever played on a Ouija board?

A: YEPP!!!


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Hello Blogosphere!

Recently I’ve been using an app called Wattpad. Yes that’s the name (W-A-T-T-P-A-D). On this app you can write stories and publish them for people to see them. You have to sign up but it’s 100% free! On this app, once you’ve written a story, people can add it to their online library, vote and/or comment. If you don’t feel like writing a story, you can read somebody else’s. If are in the mood for a certain type of story, you can search it in the “Search” bar. There you can find lot’s of different books, from lots of different people. If you like all the stories one person has wrote, then you can follow them! You can also send messages to your friends and other people! If you wrote a story, you can add chapters so your story can continue for a long time! Like I said before it’s really easy to use, and once you’ve written a book/story/poem etc…. you can see how ever many people have read it! I’ve made so many stories on it and I usually spend most of my time ether looking for stories or writing them!

I hope you go check this out and have tons of fun on it! HAVE A NICE DAY AND DON’T FORGET TO WRITE A BOOK!!! BYEEE!

Super Amazing Awesomness!Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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Snow Days

Hello Blogosphere!

I  love the snowy season because I find there’s so much you can do! It may be just me but I find winter so refreshing! I think all the icicles and all the white make it look so pretty, especially when it snows outside and its just a light fluffy snow that’s raised just over your ancles and the sun is shinning brightly, when the snow sparkles it looks so beautiful! Something about the cold weather makes it perfect. Like when you go outside for the first time for the very first snow fall, and you drop in the snow and start creating beautiful things out of this small flakes of white. Ok I’ll admit one of my favourite holidays is Christmas, because of all the family and decorations!

But the best part about winter are… THE SNOW DAYS!!! Nothing to worry about, just laying in the snow, making sculptures and other amazing things out of snow! But the best part about snow days is…. NO SCHOOL!!! Which is amazing because you won’t have any homework or stressful test or school work  (Super hard math stuff: Snow Days= No school<No Homework). I’m not judging you if you like going to school, come on, even you need a break from school once and a while!

Ok, lets just take a minute to talk about Christmas. Usually at my house, we (just kidding it’s only me) wake up at 2am to open the stockings, I should really open the stocking after the big presents because a when I was 7, I got an America Girl Doll brush in my stocking and I instantly knew that I got an American Doll for a present. Ok off that topic after we open our stocking I have to wait 4 hours for my mom and my brother to wake up so I’m stuck watching T.V for 4 hours because I probably won’t be able to go back to sleep.  After my mom and brother wake up, my mom makes coffee and gets her camera, then we can finally open our presents. After that my brother usually gets a Lego set, so he’s usually working on that with my mom. After about 2 hours (Around 9am) our family comes over to our house for breakfast. OH one year I got Silly String, and I sprayed it in my uncles face when we walked in. Hehe!

I hope you have a safe winter season and a great Christmas!! Remember, be unique, just like a snow flake!

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Also: Flickr

Danica Online

Doll Bones|Book Review


Okay so I’m not much of a reader when it comes to boring book and everything but when I get a good book, that’s where I’ll be for the next 10 hours! So, if your like me (a little picky when it comes to books) then here is a GREAT book for you.

Doll Bones is one of the best books I’ve read so far! It’s so good, it’s about these three kids who love to play dolls (well more like action figures)  and they’ve made up this whole world with them, Zack, an 11-12 year old boy (they don’t really say how old they are in the book) he plays the character called William, who’s one of the captains on the ship called Neptune’s Pearl. Poppy an 11 year old girl who plays the character  Lady Jaye she’s the Capitan’s Lady (or so they think she should be). And last but not least, Alice who is probably the same age as Poppy. Alice varies between the characters, one day she’ll play a mermaid the next an elf. Anyways they’ve made up this whole world with they’re characters, fighting battles, stealing money, and tons more. They play every day after school, at Poppy’s house. Poppy’s mom like to collect antiques and has a big china doll that they pretend is the Queen. The queen is a tall doll (about 20 inches tall) who is pretty scary. She kind of looks like a ghost.

One day when Zack got home from school he couldn’t find Captain William (I’ll let you go get the book instead of telling you the rest). But long story (of 244 pages) short, lots of action happens, I’m not to far in the book (page 119) I still think it’s such a good book and it’s easy to read too.

Danica Doll BonesI hope you go and get this book because it’s so, so good and I love it so much! I got mine for Christmas but I bet you could get it at any book store (like Chapters/ Indigo etc..). Its a really good book and I bet you won’t be disappointed!


Super Hard Choices

Okay, so my last two posts where about the SCIENCE FAIR we are having at our school, I’m really excited because like I said, science is my favourite subject in  school (or ever) and this in my first ever year doing a science fair project! I think it will be so much fun! Anyways my last two posts were about my ideas a found for the science fair, from books/internet. I had a really hard time deciding which science fair project to choose so I just narrowed them to my top “2”.  Like I said I had a really hard time choosing.

(DanicaThis was my second choice but I wanted to save the best for last) I LOVE the idea of that “Make Your Own Cloud” I think it would be really cool to create your VERY OWN CLOUD! It sounds so cool and very hard (in a good way). You want your experiments to be somewhat hard so its not like- Oh I’m done- In the period of less than five minutes. I know making a CLOUD will be a little challenging and I think it will take me some time to figure it out. I like science projects like this because if you do it right and you find it fun, you can make it again and impress your family and friends, like.. making a cloud!

My first choice was really obvious… CANDY CHROMATOGRAPHY! I find this projects very cool and super-duper challenging (again…in a good way). I think it will be really fun and I can’t think of a reason not to do it… I mean it says in the instructions “You may even get to eat the leftoverDanica-Smarties candy or share it with a friend” I am NOT sharing it with a friend, I will eat all the leftover candy for my self, thank you very much! But you get to eat candy with this project, I mean what goes better together tan science and candy? This project it perfect! I mean better than perfect, wait, what’s better than perfect? Ahh never mind, it’s just… REALLY SUPER-DUPER PERFECT! Continue reading

Science Fair From Education.com

Science is my FAVOURITE subject in school, and what`s even better is that at our school we`re having a SCIENCE FAIR!!! I`m really excited because, like I said, I really love science because, there are endless possibilities when it comes to science. So many that I need have 11 ideas for the fair, but I can only choose 5, I know there are a lot more of them, but, like I said , it`s a science fair, so I can only choose 1 idea. The website I found ALL these ideas from is:  http://www.education.com/science-fair/sixth-grade/

How does music affect your mood? I don’t know, but that would be something that I would look into. I think it would be really fun to find out, and research. The materials are really simple:  Music of all genres, people of all ages and genders, stop watch, a set of questions to ask about the moods, that’s it! I think this project is really easy, yet, difficult.  If you want to see the FULL instructions click the link here: http://www.education.com/science-fair/article/music-mood/

 Bubble gUm DanicaDoes chewing gum make you smarter? Wow! I really like gum, all kinds!  I think my favorite is mint. But the question is Does gum make you SMARTER? If it does I should try to convince my teacher to let us chew gum in school, because it will make us smarter (hint, hint đŸ˜„). Imagine, if gum makes you smarter, the girl that turned blue in Willy Wonka, you know, the one that eat the same gum for 3 months (Yeah! That’s right, I know you saw that movie at least once đŸ˜„), anyways , she must of been really, really, smart! If you want to see How gum makes you smarter? click the link here: http://www.education.com/science-fair/article/chewing-gum-make-you-smarter/ Continue reading

Books Can Be Cool Too!


When I went to the school’s library and found some really interesting science book. They had lot of really cool idea’s for out science fair, now I know I couldn’t choose all of them but I have a “Top 6” list of idea’s of science projects that are really cool! Here are some of my favourite:

First of all I found a really cool article from the book  50 Nifty Super Science Fair Projects called ‘Round The Bend. I thought it looked really interesting but, I don’t know about it because it looks really hard to do, it has a really difficult set up on the picture. It may be really easy but, it had a very intricate design with a whole bunch of straws and other materials like popsicle sticks and wooden dowels and other stuff.

The second book I was looking at was called Amazing Science Projects and I found this really cool project called The Bowl That Empties Itself, and it looked really cool! It had a picture of a bowl with a small custard jar, the big bowl had water in it too! It was really cool and I would want to see if it actually emptied itself! How cool would that be?

The last book I looked at was one of my favourites (I got TONS of ideas from it). Called Star Wars: Science Fair Book. The 4 ideas I found are: Make your own cloud, Lie detector, Grow crystals and Studying Lazors. The last one I’m not too sure about but it sounds REALLY fun!

I really like all those ideas but I’m not quite sure which one I like the most! I hope you enjoyed! BYEEEEE!

Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons, Author: Michael Jastremski