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Hello Blogosphere,
So today I will be talking about something a little more personally and meaningful, to me anyways. I’ll be talking about my blog. How I feel about it and random information about it.

So Danica Online was started sometime in September. I was new to this school. I’ve blogged before with my friends and all but nothing this important. I didn’t really have any plans about what my blog would be based on. Like, I know some blogs are based on things like cooking and sports and whatever. How they talk about pretty much only those topics. I really just wanted to write things about literally everything (I know, unnecessary use of the word literally). I knew I was going to write about random wacky things and I did. I talked about everything to anything. I am that kind of person who is always thinking about things that don’t make sense. Like for example. Today we were reading something about a horse, in a horses opinion and that whole time I was thinking “How can a horse speak?” I told you, nothing ever makes sense in my mind. It’s pretty dangerous for me to have a blog because I will sit there for hours, writing about one topic. ACTUAL HOURS!!! I have no sense that tells me to stop. I don’t know why I mean– See I’m doing again. Trailing off into a mindless obis.

Okay so another topic I would like to talk about is when I started my blog verses now. How I’ve changed with my writing. When I started blogging, I wrote about my first day of school and all the people and how nice they were. And trust me, it was the basic first anything: Awkward and cringey (especially for me). I was shy and quite with my opinion (at the time). But trust me, I am defiantly not shy to write what I think. Once again, no to safe for me to have a blog *heehee*.

Another thing is that blogging has affected my life in so many ways. For example. It made me look at the world from a totally new perspective. every time I got out, I look for cool things to share with you. Like most of you know, I went to Fiji in April, I brought a journal with me to document my trip to put on my blog. I wrote things in that 24/7 I used my journal whenever I could. My mom ACTUALLY had to put it in the safe that you have in your room so I could eat supper. My life is my blog, and I’m not trying to go all sappy but it really is. I base my life around my blog. For example: I wake up, look outside “Today is a great day, better write about that” Walk my dogs “Oh it’s SO ho, better blog about that” Eat dinner “My food looks so cool, better take a picture and write about it on my blog”.

Not to sound vain or anything, but I am proud of the content on my blog. Like, I’m happy about, my blog doesn’t have a theme. I write what I want. I am proud of that, I’m glad I have the opportunity to blog.

I learned a few things from blogging, I’ve learned that 1) Bloggers can affect the world. Anything a blogger says/does can be spread to millions of thousands of people every minute. 2)Bloggers can change (a) person/people’s opinion about how they think/feel/see the world.

About my future blog: I’m planning to continue blogging for as long as I can. I would make a typical blog, you know, writing about my life, my dreams, my goals and more. Pretty much my huge bucket list. What I want to do is simply to live and you guys are a big impact on that. on my future blog, I would write about my life and random little things that wonder around in my scattered brain. Another wish is to inspire people.

Blogging is one of my favourite things in the world. I love everything about it like:
I love the internet. Everything about it and the idea of people from all around the world communicating through a small piece of equiptment is insane. Like me I from Quebec, right? Ya okay so, I could mindlessly stumble upon a blog from China. Through a few wires and a big box this is possible. It’s actually insane!

Like I said over 50 million times you guys mean a lot to me and I appreciate that. I’ve made many friends from the internet. Even though I couldn’t meet any of them, they’ve made a huge impact in my life! You guys are the coolest!


Q: What’s your favourite topic in school
A: Science

🌴What To Do When You’re Bored|Summer Edition🌴

Danica OnlineHello Blogosphere,

Sorry about the lack of blog posts lately. It’s because we’ve been really busy with exams…REALLY busy. I know, bad excuse but hey, I’m back now, and isn’t that what truly matters!

So, a few months ago, I make about what to do when you’re board: Winter Edition (A link for that will be below). So I decided, “Hey, it’s Summer (okay…almost Summer, but a girl can dream okay) and Summer seems to be fun, but it can be boring!” and that brought me to this post. Here are 10 things to do when you’re bored, in summer! And before you all start freaking out, yes, you all know Summer can be boring. Like, at school you have all your friends. Plus you have classes that will keep you somewhat occupied. I’m here today to fight Summer boredom!!! Continue reading

Land Rafting | Extreme Partying

Danica OnlineHello Blogosphere,
Your probably looking at the title like, WHAT? Well, It’s exactly what it sounds like. Yesterday, a few classes from our school went to a really cool skiing place. It was really awesome.

Okay, so, at about 8:15a.m. we left on our bus to go to the most extreme tubing place you could ever imagine. It took us about 1 hour to get there, but it was sooo worth it! When we got there, my mom, Christina (Yes, from Christina Online) and Lauren (Yes, from Lauren Online as well), went in a group together. We waited in line (it wasn’t that long of a wait), but when we got at the top, we gave our tubes to these guys (I don’t know their names) but they took our tubes and put them on the hook on the side of the chair lift, then we had to run to the black mat, to wait for our lift. The actual lift was about a minute or two, but it was really fun. Once we got to the top of the mountain we got our tubes back and found our hill. I think we picked number 11 to start with, but when we went down, it was really fast! Continue reading

The Iron Trial | Another AMAZING Holly Black Book

The Iron Trial DanicaHello Blogosphere,
Okay so a while back, I wrote about the book “Doll Bones” by Holly Black. Now that was a fantastic book, I mean truly WOW! On Christmas, I woke up to find ton of amazing gifts. I opened the book The Iron Trial and some other book. A few weeks after Christmas, I started reading the book and I mean I got so into it! It was AMAZING! I ended up reading pages and pages each day! I NEVER wanted to put it down. I ended up finishing it that month (That’s good for me because I don’t read book quickly).

If you want to hear a summary continue reading:
The main Character Call (short for Callum, last name Hunt) is a boy who mother had passed away a few years ago. He had something wrong with his leg, so he wasn’t aloud playing sports. He was a little upset about it because he LOVES basketball. He get s mad because he wanted to join a team or something, but he couldn’t because of his leg. He gets mad a smashes the ground with his anger (by telekinesis). His father comes to pick him up for school when he see’s what Call had done. his father told him he had to take a est at the Magisterium because he had special powers. He agreed. His father didn’t want him to get into the school he was taking the test for, so Callum’s dad told him to purposely fail it…

If you want to know more, here’s a direct link to Holly Black’s book information:



Truth or False | Sofia Online

Hello Blogosphere!

If many of you don’t know the AMAZING Sofia Online, then, click this link:  because I personally love her blog! It has so much going on! She posts in almost every category! But one post I found SO cool! It seems like such a good idea for a post! On her blog she did a True or False challenge and I thought it would be really fun!

Okay so the rules are: If you think that something is true you comment true, if you think something is false comment false. It’s a pretty simple game, until you get to the questions 😉. What are we waiting for? LET’S GET STARTED: Continue reading

Oma’s Quilt

untitledHello Blogosphere

So a few weeks ago, I posted a post (Really Danica? Posted a post, OH MY GOSH How obvious) about a short video called ‘Nightmare at School’. I have been ‘Surfing The Web’ (I know, not cool) a little bit and I came across this video called ‘Oma’s Quilt’ I thought it sounded interesting so I checked it out. I was really nice but kind of sad.

Here’s a short summary (otherwise known as a ‘Synopsis’, I know cool right? Your learning on a blog!!!) about this story: Oma (Which I believe is German for Grandma) Is moving out of her old house on Maple St. which she has lived in her (almost) her whole life. She’s moving to a retirement home called ‘Forest View’. As soon as she got there, she hated it, her room was too cold and the people weren’t nice. a little while later, Emily, her granddaughter decided to make her a quilt, so she wouldn’t be as cold at night. Emily and her mom made Oma’s quilt with all of the stuff from her old boxes as in; Wedding Dress cloth, Recital dresses, Pictures and more, they went to bring the quilt to Oma, but when they got there, Oma was packed up ready to leave Forest View. Emily’s mom tried to convince her to not to leave, but while that was happening, Emily was putting the Quilt on Oma’s bed. Finally, when Oma turned to look at what Emily had done, she dropped to her knees and started naming off things that the quilt reminded her of. At the very end of the video, Oma said she wasn’t going to leave because all she needed was on that quilt.

It’s a very sweet film about the family and it shows that the home is where the heart is.

Information about this film:
Director: Izabela Bzymek
Writer: Izabela Bzymek
Producer: Svend-Erik Eriksen
Animation: Michael Linton| Izabela Bzymek

I f you want to see this AMAZING video here’s the link:


Sims 3|Lifesimmer

Hello Blogosphere,

Sims3coverI have been OBSESSED with this AMAZING video game called; Sims. Sims is a virtual life simulator where you create little characters called ‘Sims’ and you can start a life with them in your computer. It’s such a fun game! You can get a job and get money (in the game). On YouTube, people make video’s with them playing the game and explaining what there doing. It’s really fun. If you want to get the game, it’s only 20$ (plus tax) per game. You can fin it at . Also in this game, there’s a store where you can buy store content, which lets you buy stuff for the game that wasn’t there before. But if you want “CC” which is a short term for ‘Custom content’, which is content for the game then other people had made.

Like I said before, people make YouTube video’s about themselves playing Sims (I know it sounds boring, but I promise you it’s not), people actually dedicate there whole YouTube channel to this Sims game. My favourite YouTuber for this is Lifesimmer, she has over Continue reading

All You Need Is… The Beatles?!

Hello Blogosphere!

BEATLES DanicaA few weeks ago, I went with my mom and my brother to see a tribute to the Beatles, if you don’t know who the Beatles are, their a British… well I guess they were a “Boy band Before Boy bands”. Anyways they were a HUGE band (Huge as in really popular not as in like 50000000000 people in the band). There we’re for boys in the band: Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Paul McCartney and John Lennon. I really liked the ‘play’ and the people that were acting as the Beatles were really good at singing, (don’t tell her, but she almost cried) they sang a few songs and they had the funniest conversations with the audience! Also, there was a ‘t.v’ type thing that showed REAL LIVE footage from other concerts the real Beatles  had actually performed at! It was really cool but the footage was really emotional, lots of fainting and crying, but I would expect it  because they wouldn’t of had YouTube or anything else you could use to find their music.

Continue reading

Did You Say Skyline?!


Okay, so, if you saw my post about New York city, you`ll know that I really like New York, New York is a city, so I also love big cities! I don’t really know why, I guess it’s just because of all the bright colours and such, I just think they’re so beautiful! That’s why I’ve decided to make a gallery of all the most beautiful “City skylines” Continue reading